Quick Quizzes in Smart Response – Assessment

Posted: April 18, 2011 by Aaron Puley in education
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Assessment for and as learning is a key component of our work as educators.

Assessment is the process of gathering information that accurately reflects how well a student is achieving the curriculum expectations in a subject or course. The primary purpose of assessment is to improve student learning. Assessment for the purpose of improving student learning is seen as both “assessment for learning” and “assessment as learning”. As part of assessment for learning, teachers provide students with descriptive feedback and coaching for improvement. Teachers engage in assessment as learning by helping all students develop their capacity to be independent, autonomous learners who are able to set individual goals, monitor their own progress, determine next steps, and reflect on their thinking and learning. [Growing Success 2011]

One fantastic way of assessing students, gauging their understanding, and determining next steps is by utilizing assessment tools that offer immediate and authentic feedback of student’s learning and progress. The assessment tools of today that utilize the technology available to us are the best tools for this job. One such tool is the Smart Response System by Smart Tech. The Smart Response System integrates seamlessly with the Smart Boards so prevalent in today’s learning environments. The “clickers” give students the vehicle through which to demonstrate their understanding, their questions, and their concerns on any given topic, assignment, or unit. This tool does not need to be intimidating, though. Assessments  that have already been created can be easily integrated / imported into the Smart Response / Notebook software.

Here is a video to get you started……

NOTE: This video also demonstrates how to use the Dragon Naturally Speaking App using the iPod Touch or iPhone to capture text with voice without having to type – a great differentiated exercise to get students to express themselves beyond the keyboard.

To watch the clip in High Definition, click the “HD” icon to the right of the audio bar in the video. This will take you to the Vimeo site where you can view the view in the best quality possible.

  1. Paul Bodan says:

    Assessment is multifaceted and so much more than most people realize. The first clue I got was when I took note of a student with low motivation taking a quiz. All of a sudden they become very motivated. During lessons they didn’t seem to have any questions, they didn’t seem interested in learning, and didn’t care about the right answer (I teach math). How did the quiz accomplish the transformation I observed? What implications does this have for how we teach? How can I use this to get my students to learn more?

    I have more thoughts on the subject and how I use assessment to teach in my blogs:

    More teaching-learning secrets exist here and they are tied together with the video game model that is all the buzz lately.

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