Posted: June 12, 2012 by Aaron Puley in Uncategorized


Often times as teachers we are challenged by our students as to ‘Why do I have to learn this?’…. sometimes the answer doesn’t ring well with them – ‘It is in the curriculum’. This ‘curriculum’ is such a foreign idea for students. With the developments of the ‘Growing Success’ document from the Ministry of Education in Ontario the idea of offering students differentiated instruction as well as creating self regulating, self reflective, autonomous learner can present a challenge to teachers… but how about offering the students the chance to create their own lessons using the curriculum guidelines? How about opening the curriculum documents and saying ‘Where do you want to take your learning today?’ I opened my class to just such a venture. The entire unit was developed by students for students and they were never happier or more engaged. The lessons included a wide range of activities. It was…

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