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Often times as teachers we are challenged by our students as to ‘Why do I have to learn this?’…. sometimes the answer doesn’t ring well with them – ‘It is in the curriculum’. This ‘curriculum’ is such a foreign idea for students. With the developments of the ‘Growing Success’ document from the Ministry of Education in Ontario the idea of offering students differentiated instruction as well as creating self regulating, self reflective, autonomous learner can present a challenge to teachers… but how about offering the students the chance to create their own lessons using the curriculum guidelines? How about opening the curriculum documents and saying ‘Where do you want to take your learning today?’ I opened my class to just such a venture. The entire unit was developed by students for students and they were never happier or more engaged. The lessons included a wide range of activities. It was taught at a level that was accessible for all of the student body. The process was reflective as they were continually accessing where they might improve or how they could overcome the challenges the process was taking them to. I can tell you at times it was frustrating for them but the successes they saw on a personal level – in the ‘I am AWESOME and know so much on this topic’ as well as the knowledge they gained from one another was inspiring to see.

The class work and student community can be found in The Hood.

If you are interested in viewing first semester’s students work please feel free to view the exemplars….
Monica and group in ‘LCD presentation’ forum
Andrew – Cell Cycle podcast and self written Global Warming song
Victoria – biology – Cell Cycle 3D book
Russ – Glogster amalogamation of course
The original learning management system can be seen at and the first ‘Hood can be viewed at

Here is the process I used…


Prezi – ‘Shock and Awe’

Posted: February 22, 2010 by Faulkner in Uncategorized

Whew… it has been a whirlwind of activity at start-up for second semester. Returning from a year of parental leave with all new ideas on teaching and how to deliver curriculum, and with a desire to insert as much technology and Web 2.0 loveliness into every class, I continue to feel overwhelmed at times. I wanted to start my classes with (what my husband calls…) ‘Shock and Awe’, I sought out a new free dynamic presentation program. Prezi (available at is a flash driven presentation site that allows you to insert text, pictures, clips, etc. to create a presentation that moves. You get to pick your pathway… it may go in straight lines and be linear or take turns and jump all over the place. The program itself is simple to navigate and relatively intuitive. Your presentation can be as complex as you want… you can zoom into a background picture, down to very small near pixel level. I created one prezi for each class to demonstrate each unit we would study. I chose figures (about 5 or so) for each unit and then a YouTube clip about a key concept for the unit. The students were speechless and loved every second of the prezi…

Prezi is definitely a great teaching tool. It could be useful as an introduction to topics or even as a unit review (just insert charts, graphs, and figures from class notes). It can be embedded into websites or downloaded into your computer (a great idea in case the school’s internet is slow or ‘freezes’ sometimes). I have embedded one of my prezis feel free to investigate the site; there are millions of prezis to look at and use (they now have a functionality to be edited by other people). The sign-up is quick and it’s FREE!!! You can upgrade your account for $5 a month to have more space (I am thinking about doing this as I ran out of space after two prezis and had to download one and delete it from my account to create the third one I needed).

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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RE: Posting Prezi presentations to WordPress blogs
Posted via Vod Pod – Check it out. does not support Java file embeds (thus, this Prezi would not embed using the code provided on the Prezi page). To post, we had to capture the video with Vod Pod. It was then *super* easy to post it to this blog. Vod Pod is awesome! Thanks to this post for tips and support. Support also mentions Vod Pod and how easy is it to post videos to your blog with the Vod Pod “Post to WordPress” button for your browser. Find out more information about Vod Pod and WordPress Here, and get the “Post to WordPress” Vod Pod button Here.